SBT-Driven Platform for DAO and Members

What is WOO3

Woo3 is DAO infrastructure enabling DAOs worldwide to achieve better governance by leveraging the power of SBT;
As an open data network, WOO3 helps DAO members build up their reputations and showcase their contributions.

Why use WOO3

More reasonable distribution of Dao governance rights

The community governance voting weight is determined by SBT such as contribution and professionalism, which can better govern the community

More complete member incentive system

Use SBT to accumulate members' contributions and achievements, members' resumes in DAO are visualized and can grow

Better member management

The guild and skills of members can be managed through SBT, including the level of skills

Open reputation system for DAO members

Accumulate your contribution and reputation in DAO through SBT, and get recognition among different DAOs

How it works

Launch a DAO

Driven by SBTs start the governance journey of DAO

Create SBTs for DAO

Create different types of SBTs through simple configuration

DAO members show their SBTs through profile

Retain ownership of SBT and keep it authentic and verifiable



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